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How to use The BIOSYSTEM Online System for Student’s Data Registration

This sticky information just only want to update the information that used to provide practical guidance relating of operational data collection biosystem for school students ranging from elementary school, junior high school up to high school ….. please scrutiny ….

This step was done with SYSTEM IN THE ASSUMPTION THAT THE SERVER OF PDKJATENG.GO.ID HAVE NOT CHANGED ……. based on my experience to download, upload and update the student data ……

  1. Make sure we have a Master Installer BIOSYSTEM 4.0. It can be downloaded here (but I think the source files have been removed, but from some experience of a friend of teachers, they have been given training in the local MAPENDA so assuming I’m sure that every school already has a master file)
  2. Extraction of the biosystem (because compressed files)
  3. Open / run the biosystem v4.0.exe (by double clicking)
  4. Select “Create new user” -> is intended to create a new user and just completed the form data it needs
  5. Login with the “new user account” that had been made (step 4) by entering a user name, password and select the type of school (elementary school, junior high school or high school)
  6. Select the “school data” -> with a complete fill province, region, subregion and school name, then click OK.
  7. Select the “class” -> classes VII, VIII or IX (eg for junior high school)
  8. Select “entry students”
  9. The main process here, so please sign up students one by one -> complete all especially (fields) are marked with *
  10. Choose “save”
  11. 1-10 step up here means we’ve done to collect data on all students -> edit it if necessary change. The next step is to process the data until ready to be uploaded online.
  12. Select the “process”
  13. Select “export to biosystem online” (Ctrl + E) —> then this biosystem system will create a new file is prepared to be uploaded via Biosystem ONLINE, a file with the extension. BUF (based on recent data that we provide through the process number 9-10).
  14. File results in the above step 13 is a file. BUF that is in the directory REPORT (please check its existence and make sure the file exists). The next step is to upload data files into Biosystem ONLINE.
  15. Go to the link address
  16. Select the menu “Data Online” (online data information)
  17. Select the “BIO-line System” (requires login)
  18. Select group of schools that diinginkan
  19. Fill in the username, password and acquisition code (Security Code)
  20. Select the “desired class” -> eg: Class I, Class II or Class III to group of Junior High School
  21. Select “Action”
  22. Select the “Student Data Upload”
  23. Select the file. BUF by clicking “Choose File” -> which is the file the result of the step number in the upper 12-14
  24. Select also the “tick” of the class in question -> eg: class 1, class 2 or class 3 for groups of Junior High School
  25. Determine all his DATA UPLOAD METHOD -> upload data to determine the purpose (whether to add data, select Add Data (Addition of previous data) or whether to replace the existing data, select the Fix Data Previous (Warning: the old data will be removed later and it will be replaced with new data))
  26. Exactly like this ya Steps of Biosystem Offline Data Upload (BROWSE is the same as the “Choose File”)
  27. Ending process ………….. please seen your live data -> if necessary minor changes relating to the data for each student, then just edited the sticky …..
  28.  All we update the latest data that we can “download” in the EXCEL file format, and print PDF files directly, if necessary. please select “Export Recap:”

Similarly, the steps the student data collection is completed and hopefully this information useful and could help their fellow teachers school operators ………….

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